Personal Injury

The process following a car accident can be frustrating if you don’t have experienced legal counsel. Cascade Law is an experienced firm with a proven record and a focus in personal injury. Our team will protect your rights and fight for you while navigating insurance coverage, determining how medical bills will be paid and walking you through any required application forms.

Since no two cases are identical, we prepare every case with that in mind. We prepare your case by assessing and putting a value on your general damages (pain and suffering), economic losses (past/future wage loss and loss of capacity), future care costs, special damages (out of pocket expenses), taxable costs (court costs) and disbursements.


Adjusters are paid to be skeptical in order to save the insurance company money. Our goal is to make sure the insurance company pays out your claim fairly. We will assemble your medical information, requisition expert reports and prove to the insurance company you were injured and suffered loss and expense.

Cascade Law has your best interests in mind and we strive to provide our clients the support they need regardless of the value of their claim.